tell me i’m priddyyy.

camp bean 2014.

felt camp pennant. no survivors.

2am. gotta walk my knife.


tuck skinn.


illustration for a story about witches: dumb backup page for porno island one: a sketch from polanski’s repulsion(1965). a sexy chestburster drawing by nora yamada: thanks! -bean.

beany horror mask.

beany horror mask.

tropical storm beany.

hi! here’s a commissioned drawin’ of black cat and her sidekick black kitten: here’s a sketchbook drawing from “cyborg 2 (1993)”: over the past couple months i’ve been devouring brian de palma’s filmography. i LOVE the end of “obsession (1976).” soo tense! i did a sketch of it: i also drew a booger that i picked: i took a couple screencaps of go nagai as he appears in “the toxic avenger part II (1989).” he is magical: i recently subscribed to oily comics and received a hand drawn membership card by charles forsman in the mail: they put out some really cool books. check ‘em out here: i’ll end off with some elli et jacno: thanks very much for your time! love, bean.

night at the arcade.

inside cover image. p. island, session one: